10 Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

No Time To Buy A Costume? No Problem!

So you had no plans for Halloween, and NOW you’ve been invited to that last minute party, and don’t have time to buy a costume… No worries! I got you covered!

Little Kid- Dress up in PJs, slippers, hair in pigtails, no make-up and carry around an over sized stuffed animal, or blankie.


A Present- Wrap a box with wrapping paper, add straps to put over your shoulders and keep the box up, then add a bow to your head.


Hockey/Football/Baseball Player- If you play a sport, wear some of your gear, add eye black to make the look tougher.

Scarecrow- Jeans, plaid shirt, big hat, and paint your face. You could even add bits of straw to your sleeves and jeans!


Party Animal- Dress in animal print or some kind of animal costume, and have a party hat and noise makers as props!

Ghost- Classic! And no one does it anymore! Throw an old bed sheet over yourself, cut holes for your eyes and you’re good to go!


Cat- Wear all black, add cat ears and a tail, draw some whiskers on your face and you’re a cat!

Totally 80s– Wear funky bright/neon colours, side ponytails, leg warmers, tutus, and big colourful make-up!


Rosie the Riveter- With a red bandanna, jeans, and button up shirt with rolled up sleeves you’ll be beaming with Girl Power!

Tom Cruise in ‘Risky Business’- Throw on a white collard shirt, sunglasses and pull up your socks.


(Image Sources- Pinterest.com/ideas.evite.com/Reddit user zjbird via Imgur)