For Those “Just-In-Case” Moments

I’ve done my fair share of long-distance Winter driving, and even though my friends make fun of me for having such a packed trunk, let me tell you, every thing in there has saved me at one point or another!

Here are some suggestions of things to have in your vehicle every Winter for safety:

An Emergency Kit– You can easily buy one of these babies in the store, all ready to go for you. Jumper cables, candle and matches, bandages, and more!

An overnight bag- Mine has saved me many times before! Just throw extra warm clothes in a bag, with a toothbrush, toothpaste and whatever else would help you feel a little more at home in case you need to spend the night somewhere unexpected.

A shovel- I have one that used to be mine as a kid. It’s small enough to fit in my trunk, but big enough to dig out my tires.

Blankets- And I say more than one because; one could be used as a blanket and the other for a pillow, if you have to spend the night at work on the lobby couch. (Which I have done too many times!) Blankets could also be used for a signal to let people know where you are if you’re stuck in a ditch or at the side of the road.

Heavy Winter boots- For walking through deep snow while trying to get your car out of a ditch, or just for a change since those 6-inch heels aren’t keeping you warm.

Have a Happy and SAFE Winter


(Images Courtesy of survival-goods.com, Pinterest.com)