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Middays 10am to 3pm

Weekends Top 20 Kool Countdown

I live in the little town I grew up in, Beeton, with my husband and daughter. I love music, singing, gardening, baking, bread making and painting (when I get the chance).

My life has always been a bit of a musical- yes, I really do burst into song for no apparent reason! Since having a child (2013), I have come up with some really great songs for kids. Of course, I forget them 2 minutes later so I won’t be the next Fred Penner!

I am a new convert to making all natural beauty products like lotion, face scrub and more. My husband says I’ve become the hippy next door!

I am fiercely proud of my family- my Jamaican and Dutch Canadian heritage- and of Canada- an amazing country!

I hope when you listen to show, in-between enjoying the music, you come away learning something interesting, useful or, at least, having a laugh at something weird someone has created.