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April 16th-April 20th

Generation Gap

107.5 Kool FM bridges the gap between children aged between 4 & 12 and their parents every weekday morning at 7:10am.

You could WIN…

Kool FM Generation Gap Cake! –
Courtesy of CAKES BY DESIGN – Toronto Street in Barrie

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A pair of tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the BMC this Friday, April 20th.


Generations Gap Flag
Canadian Flag
Courtesy of The Flag Store in Downtown Thornton!


The KoolFM Brain Buster

Our KOOL FM Research Team scours the globe looking for tidbits of information to create questions that only the most obscure thinkers or outright geniuses would be able to figure out.  It’s a lot of fun to play the Brainbuster and even more fun to listen to…but no cheating by using the internet! Weekday mornings starting at 5:20 am!

You could WIN …

A $50 Gift Card to Pie Wood Fired Pizza Joint for their “Fill your family for $50” deal! That’s 2 pizzas, salad, bread, and sweet balls for just $50. It’s feeding for family at Pie Wood Fired Pizza Joint for just $50.

April 19:  14% of College Students will do this at least once.  What is it?

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 Online Scavenger Hunt

At 2:30pm weekdays, we play the online scavenger hunt giving you a chance to win Kool prizes.

We ask you a topical question, you than search the web to find the answer!  First person through at 705-727-1075 with the right answer wins!

You could WIN …

A $60 gift certificate to Vertex VR, Barrie’s premiere virtual reality lounge with interactive rooms where you can be fully immersed in your favorite games or favorite cities. Perfect for solo missions, date nights or group events – fun for all ages.



The Blast From The Past

You’re sure to say “I haven’t heard that in a while!” Weekdays at 4:00pm, Darryl plays a musical clue of an old favourite song. If you know it, call in and identify the song to win a prize…then everyone wins when the entire song is played at 4:10 pm!

You could WIN…

$50 Gift Card for MOXIE’S GRILL & BAR

Beside the Georgian Mall in Barrie!




Top 7@7

Correctly name the right song and artist and you’re a winner!

You could WIN…

$25 gift card for Pie Wood Fired Pizza Joint ‘s amazing After 8 special where after 8pm you can enjoy a pizza and pint for only $10.



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