Page’s 5: Halloween Movies for Wimps

Nothing to be ashamed about.

Some of us are brave and can handle any kind of horror movie without checking under the bed before going to sleep that night; while others… can’t. (Like me!)

But we wimps like to get into the Halloween spirit too, so here are some of the ‘Scardy Cat Approved’ movies out there are:

Hocus Pocus — How can you get scared during a movie with Bette Midler and a talking cat?

Beetlejuice — Not going to lie, this one DID actually give me nightmares as a kid, but it made the list because now, (being somewhat grown up), I just focus on the possessed ‘Day-O’ dancing scene around the table.

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown — Nothing scary here. Just a true Halloween classic. Plus it’s Snoopy!

The Addams Family — The creepest thing about this movie is Uncle Fester.

Ghostbusters — Which does involve some creepy ghosts, but there’s also a big green one that likes to eat a lot, that they call Slimer.

(Videos & Images Courtesy of YouTube)