KOOL FM’s Pot of Gold Contest

Clue #1

In the past we’ve been rather cleaver, hiding the gold here and there.
If you want to find it this year, start thinking open air.

Clue #2

To celebrate St Patrick we’ve hidden some gold to find…
And if you really want to spend it, keep the color green in mind…

Clue #3

You’ll have a really hard time, if you’re searching for the gold at night.
People are only here, when the day is light.

Clue #4

You may have been close to the gold at a wedding, or a fancy do.
But if you’ve ever stood atop the gold you were wearing specials shoes…

Clue #5

If you’re guessing somewhere south, you’re the opposite of right.
If you’re guessing in the north I’d call you rather bright!

Clue #6

There are many places in Barrie like this, that much is true
You’d be a thousand loonies richer, If you only you knew.

Clue #7

Closer to the lake that’s little, rather than the one that’s big.
If you guess where the gold is now, you’ll surely do a jig!

Clue #8

In the winter this place is snowy in the summer it is clear…
It’s near the edge of Barrie, any time of year…

Clue #9

If you know the history of Barrie, then you’ll know this place moved
If you’ve been to the new location, your love of golf has been proved.

Clue #10

Not by the flag, but at the bottom of the pole…
You’ll find my gold hidden at the bottom of this hole…

Clue #11

If you’ve guessed Barrie Golf and County Club, you’re getting very hot
Best to use an iron, if you want to hit the gold with your shot.

Clue #12

Some might call it lucky, while others say its cursed
You’ll find the gold hidden 12 after the first.

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Once again  Kool FM is teaming up with Surelock Homes Locksmith’s this St Patrick’s Day!

We’re are hiding a “Virtual” pot of gold somewhere in Simcoe County filled with $1000.

Be listening to KOOL FM starting at 6am on St Paddy’s Day for clues on where to find it. Every hour, we’ll give you a new clue. If you unlock the mystery and discover the location and happen to be the lucky caller through you’ll win the pot of gold and get 1000 shinny loonies!

Contest Rules:

The Pot of Gold Contest is open to any resident of Simcoe County over the age of 18,
KOOL FM will provide one clue every hour from 6am-6pm on March 17th, 2017
After the clue is provided the phone lines will open up and the first 3 caller will be allowed to make a guess as to where the virtual pot of gold is hidden.
All guesses must be specific.
If no one guesses the specific location then the guessing is over until the next clue is revealed.
Once the pot of gold has been found the contest is over.
KOOL FM is not responsible for a listener’s inability to reach the stations due to service interruption, technical problems, dropped calls, the failure of telephone or electronic equipment, poor/slow internet connection, or the inability of a listener to contact the KOOL FM for any reason whatsoever.
Decisions of KOOL FM are final and cannot be challenged.