Page’s 5: Things That Are Awesome About Snow

It's Not Going Anywhere Any Time Soon, So Might As Well Make The Best Of It

We’re at the point in Winter when there’s nothing to get excited over, except maybe the dream of Spring.

But, that isn’t going to happen for another couple of months, so try and stay positive with these 5 ways snow is awesome…

Automatic Drink Cooler- Having a party and not enough space in the fridge? No worries! Put those drinks in the snowbank on your back deck for an instant (and unlimited sized) cooler.

Build A Snowman/Snow Fort- Once you’ve mastered the art of the common snowman, work your way up to epic snow forts, in which you can have wicked snowball fights!

Snow Art- Put food colouring and a little water in a spray bottle, and have at it!

Snow Cones- Scoop CLEAN and WHITE snow into a glass and add your favourite flavouring. If you don’t have any flavour bottles, make your own with Kool-Aid and sugar in warm water until it dissolves.

Skiing/Snowboarding/Tubing- Fresh powder on the slopes always makes for a better ride!

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