This Town Gathers for a Yearly Group Hug

Neighbours get out from behind their devices and meet in person.

The first Tottenhug in 2016/Photo: Dave Powrie

The TottenHug was started in 2016 by Rob Farah. A local community Facebook group, now over 6000 members strong, was devolving into bickering and complaining and Rob thought something should be done to fix that.
He explains:


This year’s TottenHug is Saturday at the Tottenham Legion:


TottenHug 2018

Saturday January 27th at 1PM
25 Richmond St., E. Tottenham, L0G 1W0

The group hug will happen at 1:30OPM


Organizer Rob Farah talking to the crowd at the first Tottenhug, 2016 / Photo: Dave Powrie

Doug and his son, Curtis at the very first Tottenhug. /Photo: Doug Powrie

2017 Tottenhug /Photo: Dave Powrie