10 Classic Movies I Haven’t Seen

Apparently, I'm missing out. What do you think?

I am not a movie buff but apparently “everyone” has seen these classic movies and I need to catch up!

1) ET

I went on the ride at Universal Studio when I was in gr. 8 but I still haven’t seen the movie.

2) Ghostbusters

True story: over a decade ago, I once hosted a radio event in Ottawa, similar to Lawnchair Luminata in Barrie, where this was the movie playing on the beach. But I had to leave before the movie started because I had a late night talk-radio show to host that night as well. So close… but still haven’t seen it!


3) Rocky Horror Picture show

My best friend goes to see this in theatres frequently and even dresses up. I’ve never joined her.

4) Sixteen Candles

I saw The Breakfast Club, finally, a month ago, but haven’t seen this one yet.

5) Jaws

I went on the ride at Universal Studios, though!


6) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I’m aware of the famous ‘roll call’ scene but that’s about it.


7) Ghost

8) Groundhog Day


9) Braveheart

Awesome or terrible? I don’t know. My roomie in university loved this movie but I never watched it with her.


10) The Matrix

Somehow, the fact that I haven’t seen this movie comes up a lot and every time, my best friend says “Really? You haven’t seen it yet?”


Featured image by Paul Irish on FLICKR