10 Easy DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

No Time To Buy A Costume? No Problem!

So you had no plans for Halloween, and NOW you’ve been invited to that last minute party, and don’t have time to buy a costume… No worries! We got you covered!

Little Kid- Dress up in PJs or a onesie, slippers, hair in pigtails, no make-up and carry around an over sized stuffed animal, or blankie.


A Present- Wrap a box with wrapping paper, cut holes for your head, arms and body to go through, then add a bow to your head.


Hockey/Football/Baseball Player- If you play a sport, wear some of your gear, add eye black to make you look tougher. Or if you have an old jersey, tear it up, add dirt to it and put on some zombie-like make-up, and you’re a dead athlete.

Scarecrow- Jeans, plaid shirt, big hat, and paint your face like a scarecrow. You could even add bits of straw to your sleeves and jeans!


Party Animal- Dress in animal print or some kind of animal costume, and have a party hat and noise makers as props!

Ghost- Classic! And no one does it anymore! Throw an old bed sheet over yourself, cut holes for your eyes and you’re good to go!


Cat- Wear all black, add cat ears and a tail, draw some whiskers on your face and you’re a cat!

Totally 80s– Wear funky bright/neon colours, side ponytails, leg warmers, tutus, and big colourful make-up!


Rosie the Riveter- With a red bandanna, jeans, and button up shirt with rolled up sleeves you’ll be beaming with Girl Power!

Tom Cruise in ‘Risky Business’- Throw on a white collard shirt, sunglasses and pull up your socks.


(Image Sources- Pinterest.com/ideas.evite.com/Reddit user zjbird via Imgur)