10 Real Valentine’s Day Cards for Him or Her

I think you'll know which cards are for him

Once you’ve been in a relationship for a number or years, it’s time to scrap the sappy Valentine’s Cards.

Here are 10 cards that share a real message relating to relationships:


Is this one for him or for her?


For him.


For him or her? (I’ll assume him!)


This one is for him. (It’s most definitely for me!)


For him. (I’ll never figure out how my wife loads everything in so nearly)


Most definitely for him.


For him or her. (Likely met with a major eye roll, possibly disgust!)


For him or her, (but if you forgot to get her chocolate this is the reaction!)


For her from him, (he better hold that promise.)


For her or him. (If it’s for her, just hope she has a tremendous sense of humor!)