$1000 Minute Friday, August 23rd

Did you get them all right?

1)    What is the proper name for the province P.E.I?
(Prince Edward Island)







2)    When you mix two primary colours Red and Blue, what secondary colour do you get?







3)    This week, discussions have sparked on the possibility of Spider-Man no longer being produced by Marvel Studios. Which actor currently plays Spider-Man?
(Tom Holland)







4)    SPELL: Obedient.
(O B E D I E N T)







5)    What animal is on the Bacardi Rum logo?







6)   If you have $700 and spend half of it. How much do you have left?








7)    Barrie’s Dragon Boat Festival is this weekend. TRUE OR FALSE:  The crew of a standard dragon boat typically consists of 22 team members.
(TRUE- 20 Paddlers, 1 Drummer/Caller, 1 Steerer)







8)   In medical emergencies, what is the abbreviation for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation?







9)  Which cereal brand uses the slogan “They’re magically Delicious!”?
(Lucky Charms)








10)  What do people wear on their face to protect their eyes from the sun?