$1000 Minute Friday, March 8th

1)   Who is Donald Duck’s significant other? (Daisy Duck)           […]

1)   Who is Donald Duck’s significant other?
(Daisy Duck)






2)    It’s James Van Der Beek’s birthday! What is the name of the teen drama TV show he played a young filmmaker on?
(Dawson’s Creek)







3)    NAME the Canadian invented board game, in which winning is determined by a player’s ability to answer trivia questions.
(Trivial Pursuit)







4)    This Sunday is Daylight Saving Time. Do we LOSE an hour or GAIN an hour?
(Lose- Spring Forward)







5)    TRUE OR FALSE: Dolphins are mammals.







6)    The Toronto Raptors are in New Orleans taking on which team tonight?








7)    SPELL: Friday, backwards.







8)    Which game show host just announced he is battling cancer?
(Alex Trebek)







9)    How many zeros are there in a million?








10)  Captain Marvel opens in theatres today. Which comic book universe is she from? DC or Marvel?