$1000 Minute Monday, June 24th

1)  How many horns did a Triceratops have? (3)           2) […]

1)  How many horns did a Triceratops have?






2)  The chemical formula H2O represents what?






3)  The Toronto Blue Jays were in Boston yesterday playing the Red Sox. Which team won?
(Blue Jays)







4)  SPELL: Mosquito.






5)  Earth is located in which galaxy?
(Milky Way)








6)  Which singer recently released a song with Shawn Mendes last Friday?  Camilla Cabello or Selena Gomez?
(Camilla Cabeo)







7)  TRUE OR FALSE: The flavour of Tiger Tail ice cream is orange with chocolate sauce swirl.
(FALSE- Orange, black licorice)







8)  Your friend just gave you 12 apples, now you have 19! How many apples did you have before your friend gave you the 12?







9)  What is heavier– 50 pounds or 15 kilos?
(50 Pounds)








10)  The movie ‘Yesterday’ hits theatres this weekend. Which 60s band is the movie about?
(The Beatles)