$1000 Minute Monday, November 18th

How did you do thing morning?

1)    From what Country does feta cheese originate?






2)    SPELL: Disinfectant.
(D I S I N F E C T A N T)







3)  Today is Owen Wilson’s birthday. From Disney’s “Cars” film series, what character does Owen voice?
(Lightening McQueen/McQueen)






4) What is the perimeter of a square with sides 6 cm long?
(24 cm)







5) What highly anticipated Disney film sequel is hitting theatres this week?
(Frozen 2)







6)  What are cumulus, cirrus, and stratus all types of?







7)  What is the name of the building that the Toronto Raptors play out of?
(Scotiabank Arena)








8) TRUE OR FALSE: The small intestine is longer than the large intestine.








9)  What is the main ingredient used in Guacamole?









10) In the Harry Potter series, what kind of animal is Hedwig?
(Owl/Snowy Owl)