$1000 Minute Monday, October 21st

How did you do this morning?

1)    “Save Money, Live Better” is the slogan for which retail company?
(Wal Mart)







2)    TRUE OR FALSE: The Canadian federal election is happening tomorrow.
(FALSE – Today)








3)  Butter Chicken, Samosas, and Biryani are all dishes that originated from what Country?








4)  Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend just released a song about her last week. What is her new Australian boyfriend’s name?
(Cody Simpson)








5)   Casper is known as the friendly what?








6)  The dollar sign symbol is located on what number key on a standard keyboard?








7)    The NBA regular season starts tomorrow. Which team do the Toronto Raptors face?
(New Orleans/Pelicans)








8)   FILL IN THE BLANK: The Acronym SWAT stands for Special Weapons And (blank).








9)  SPELL: Acronym.
(A C R O N Y M)









10)  In the Jungle Book, who teaches Mowgli the bare necessities of life?