$1000 Minute Monday, September 23rd

1)    What is 10 x 75? (750)           2)    Season 17 […]

1)    What is 10 x 75?






2)    Season 17 of “The Voice” premiere’s tonight. Name one of the four coaches for this season.
(Kelly Clarkson/Gwen Stefani/John Legend/Blake Shelton)







3)    What is the name given for a board of food often consisting of a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts?
 (Charcuterie Board)








4)    People with this blood type are known as “Universal donors” what blood type is it?
(O/O Negative)







5)     Yesterday was the 25th anniversary for the release of the American sitcom “Friends”. Name the pop duo who sings the Friends theme song “I’ll be there for you”.
(The Rembrandts)








6)   An imaginary line drawn around the earth, equally distant from both poles is known as the what?







7)  TRUE OR FALSE: Amazon River dolphins are pink in colour.








8)  SPELL: Exaggerate.
(E X A G G E R A T E)







9)  As of today, what season are we now in?







10)  The Toronto Maple Leafs face the Montreal Canadiens tonight. Which division in the Eastern Conference are both of these NHL teams a part of?