$1000 Minute Thursday, April 18th

1)  What is an Easter bonnet? (Hat)               2) […]

1)  What is an Easter bonnet?








2)   Game 4 of the Toronto/Boston NHL series played last night. Who’s leading that series?
(series is tied )






3)  NAME Disney’s first animated movie.
(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- 1938)







4)  Who is John Legend married too?
(Chrissy Teigen)







5) How many A’s are in the word Avocado?







6)   TRUE OR FALSE: Next to Halloween, Easter is one of the biggest candy-consuming holidays.







7)   Its Melissa Joan Hart’s birthday today. NAME the TV show she played a witch on.
(Sabrina the Teenage Witch)








8)  If you’re using the ball with three holes in it, how many bowling pins are on the lane?







9)  NAME the chocolate company that uses a clucking bunny in its commercials.







10)  The Prime Minster of France has committed to rebuilding Notre-Dame Cathedral within how many years?