$1000 Minute Thursday, April 25th

1)    How many members are in the Backstreet Boys? (5)           […]

1)    How many members are in the Backstreet Boys?






2)    Al Pacino is 79 today. Which movie did he say “Say hello to my little friend” in?






3)    The BMC is located on the corner of Mapleview and which other street in Barrie?







4)    How many T’s are in the word SILHOUETTE?






5)    What is the nickname for the big clock in London, England?
(Big Ben)






6)    Which actress is on this year’s cover of the Beauty Issue for People Magazine: Jennifer Lopez-OR- Jennifer Garner?
(Jennifer Garner)






7)    TRUE OR FALSE: Adults have fewer bones than babies do.
(True) as they grow up, some of the bones fuse together to form one bone. This is because babies have more cartilage than bone. New born babies have around 305 bones. … By adulthood, the skeleton has just 206 bones







8)   The Toronto Blue Jays are in Oakland playing which team tomorrow night?






9)  What number month is April?







10)  What is the capital city of Russia?