$1000 Minute Thursday, June 13th

1)    The study of Space is called WHAT? (Astronomy)             […]

1)    The study of Space is called WHAT?







2)  The Stanley Cup was awarded last night to which team? The St. Louis Blues OR Boston Bruins?
( St. Louis Blues)








3)  In regards to the nursery rhyme, FILL IN THE BLANK the Three Blind WHAT?









4)  Jerry Stiller is the father of which other famous funny actor?
(Ben Stiller)







5)  Tuesday night’s winning Lotto Max ticket was bought in which province: BC OR Quebec?







6)  If there are 4 pies left in the bakery and Chantel baked 12 more, how many pies will be left in the bakery AFTER 2 pies are bought?







7)    SPELL: Maintenance.







8)  TRUE OR FALSE:  Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.







9)    ‘Men in Black: International’ hits theatres this weekend. NAME the male actor who co-stars alongside Tessa Thompson.
(Chris Hemsworth)








10) What colour is a stop sign?