$1000 Minute Thursday, November 29th

1)    In which decade was the film `Grease` set? (1950s)           […]

1)    In which decade was the film `Grease` set?






2)    What train would you find on platform 9 and three quarters?
(The Hogwarts Express)







3)    Which of the Great Lakes is the source of the Niagara River?
(Lake Erie)







4)    SPELL: Erie.








5)    What is the top colour on a rainbow?






6)    With which foot did Neil Armstrong first step onto the moon? His RIGHT or his LEFT?
(His left)







7)    Our Barrie Colts are at home tonight to WHICH team from Mississauga?







8)    What ingredient in bread causes it to rise?







9)    TRUE OR FALSE: The greater roadrunner can run at speeds up to 25 kilometres per hour.







10)  ‘Creed Two’ hits theatres tomorrow. NAME the character in the movie that helps train Creed for his fight.
(Rocky Balboa)