$1000 Minute Tuesday, January 29th

What is the postal abbreviation for Yukon? (YK)         Harry has 100 […]

  1. What is the postal abbreviation for Yukon?





  1. Harry has 100 balloons; half of those balloons are red. If Harry sells half of his red balloons, how many red balloons will he have left in total?







  1. Which famous kid’s movie features large creatures known as ‘Bergens’?







  1. Trout, barracuda and carp are all types of what?






  1. TRUE OR FALSE: The total length of your circulatory system stretches to over 96 thousand kilometers.






  1. In the ‘Peanuts’ cartoon and comics, what colour is Woodstock?






  1. What is another word for a lexicon?






  1. Which breakfast cereal was Sonny Cuckoo Bird cuckoo for?
    (Cocoa Puffs)






  1. What plant makes up most of the Great Panda’s diet?







  1. What did the crocodile in the movie ‘Peter Pan’ swallow?
    (A Clock)