$1000 Minute Tuesday, March 12th

What is an adult female elephant called? (Cow)             TRUE […]

  1. What is an adult female elephant called?







  1. TRUE OR FALSE: O Positive is the rarest blood type.







  1. Who is hosting the Juno Awards this Sunday?
    (Sarah McLachlan)







  1.  In which continent is the country of Brazil found?
    (South America)







  1. How many rings make up the symbol of the Olympic Games?







  1. Jennifer Lopez got engaged over the weekend to which former major league baseball player?
    (A-Rod/Alex Rodriguez)







  1.  There are 3 whiteboards in your classroom. If each whiteboard has 2 markers, how many markers in total are in the classroom?
    (6 markers)







  1. What is George Jetson’s wife’s name?
    (Jane Jetson)







  1. Liza Minnelli turned 73 today. What was the name of her famous mother?
    (Judy Garland)







  1. 10)Does a plum grow in a tree or in the ground?