$1000 Minute Tuesday, October 1st!

Did you get them all right?

1)    What type of animal is Rafiki from the Lion King movie?






2)    TV series Stranger Things has officially been renewed for another season. How many seasons of the show have been released so far?







3)    What angle is formed by the hands of a clock at 3 o’clock?
(90 degree angle/right angle)







4)    Joe wants to make a BLT Sandwich. What does BLT stand for?
(Bacon Lettuce Tomato)








5)   SPELL: Atmosphere.
(A T M O S P H E R E)









6)  Today is International Coffee Day. Name the South American Country known as the top coffee producer in the world.







7)   The Golden Gate Bridge is located in which California City?
(San Francisco)








8)  The MLB regular season has come to an end. TRUE OR FALSE: The Blue Jays are in the playoffs this year.








9)  What is the scientific name given for the study of human cultures?








10)  What is the name of the girl group Beyoncé started her musical career with?
(Destiny’s Child)