$1000 Minute Tuesday, October 7th

Did you get them all right this morning?

1)    What is sushi traditionally wrapped in?







2)    The Stonehenge is located in which European Country?








3)    Simon Cowell celebrates a birthday today. Name the TV singing competition series he started out on as a judge.
(American Idol)








4)    You are the CEO of a company. What does the E stand for in CEO?








5)  What fruit is commonly used when creating a jack-o-lantern?








6)    Not including jokers, how many face cards are there in a standard deck of cards?
(12 – 4 Jacks, 4 Queens, 4 Kings)








7)    What is the name of the statutory holiday we have next Monday?









8)  SPELL: Statutory.
(S T A T U T O R Y)









9)  Who invented the telephone?
(Alexander Graham Bell)








10) If you buy one dozen apples and eat one third of them on the way home, how many did you eat?