$1000 Minute Tuesday, September 24th

Did you get them all right this morning?

1)    What food is hummus made from?
(Chickpeas/Other beans)






2)    Last night the Chicago Bears faced the Washington Redskins. What colour is the Chicago Bears logo?






3)   Which continent consists of 60% of the world’s population?







4)   TRUE OR FALSE: Ostriches can fly.







5)   What geometrical shape forms the hole that fits an Allen Wrench?








6)    SPELL: Geometrical.
(G E O M E T R I C A L)









7)    The 2019 Emmy awards were this past Sunday. What show won for outstanding drama series?
(Game of Thrones)









8)    Name the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents.








9)  Will Smith celebrates a birthday tomorrow. Which Disney live-action remake did he star in this year?








10)  In regards to units of mass, what does kg stand for?