$1000 Minute Wednesday, April 10th

1)    A female fox is known as what? (Vixen)             […]

1)    A female fox is known as what?







2)    Mandy Moore turned 35 today. NAME the 2002 chick flick movie she starred in alongside Shane West.
(A Walk To Remember)







3)  TRUE OR FALSE: Cosmology is the study of the Universe.







4)    Horseshoe Falls and Rainbow Falls make up which large waterfall?
(Niagara Falls)








5)    The Toronto Blue Jays were in Boston yesterday taking on which team?
(Red Sox)








6) The bones around your chest that protect organs such as the lungs are called what?







7)   If there are 42 daisies and 6 women want bouquets, how many daisies will be in each bouquet?







8)   What energy drink has used the slogan “it gives you wings”?
(Red Bull)







9)  What date is Good Friday on this year?
(Friday, April 19th)








10)  In the cartoon series ‘The Jetsons’, what colour is George Jetsons hair?