$1000 Minute Wednesday, April 24th

1)    Which city does Batman live in? (Gotham City)             […]

1)    Which city does Batman live in?
(Gotham City)








2)    Jack Nicholson turned 82 on Monday. NAME the movie he said the line “you can’t handle the truth” in?
(A Few Good Men)








3)     How many kids does Michael Buble have?







4)    Which lake is connected to Kempenfelt Bay?
(Lake Simcoe)








5)    Which long-running TV animated comedy will feature a character of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?
(‘The Simpsons’- This Sunday’s episode called D’Oh Canada!)  







6)    What does 62 minus 7 equal?







7)    In poker, the term used to describe a bet or raise made with a hand which is not thought to be the best hand is called what?







8)    After last night’s series win, who will Boston play in the second round of the NHL playoffs?
(Columbus Blue Jackets)







9)  Other than Washington, name a US state that borders British Columbia.
(Alaska, Montana or Idaho)








10)  ‘American Idol’ is down to their top 8 contestants. Who won the show last season?
(Maddie Poppe (Pronounced: poppy))