$1000 Minute – Wednesday January 6, 2016

Here are the questions from Kool FM's $1000 Minute on Wednesday January 6, 2016!

1.       Who won the World Juniors Gold Medal Game Yesterday?

2.       What year did the production of the Canadian Penny End?

 3.       If someone has lived for a 120 months, how old does that make them?

4.       The 20th Annual Mash Bash is coming up on February 5th at Snow Valley, this event raises money for what organization?

5.       Wile E Coyote is always trying to catch what bird?

6.       Kool FM is celebrating what anniversary this year?

7.       What fast food chain uses a red head with pigtails as its emblem?

8.       Steven Rogers is the alter ego of what super hero?

9.       What is the French word for cat?

10.   What liquid do plants need for photosynthesis?

Scroll below for the answers!!!


(1) Canada, (2) 2012, production ceased in May of that year, (3) 10 Years Old, (4) RVH, (5) Road Runner, (6) 10th, (7) Wendy’s, (8) Captain America, (9) Chat, (10) Water