$1000 Minute Wednesday, October 2nd

Did you get them all right this morning?

1)  Cherry, Beefsteak, and Roma are all varieties of what food?






2)  Name the smallest continent of the world.







3)  Which singer replaced Adam Levine as a coach on The Voice this season?
 (Gwen Stefani)








4)  SPELL: Anonymous.
(A N O N Y M O U S)







5)  The NHL regular season starts tonight. TRUE OR FALSE: The Toronto Maple Leafs face the Montreal Canadiens tonight.
(FALSE – Ottawa Senators)









6)  “Green Eggs and Ham” is a children’s book written by which author?
(Dr. Seuss)









7)  Kool FM officially launched on January 1st, 2006. How many years old will the station be this coming January?
(14 years)








8)  From the animated comedy short films, what kind of animals are Tom and Jerry?
(Cat & Mouse)








9) Name the artist that painted the Mona Lisa.
(Leonardo/Da Vinci)









10)  In the Mario Brothers video game, what is Mario’s brother’s name?