$1000 Minute Wednesday, September 11th

did you get them all right!

1)    Name the mythical creature said to have the body and head of a horse, with a single spiraled horn in the middle of its forehead.






2)   SPELL: Mythical.
(M Y T H I C A L)







3)    There are 7 continents in the world. How many of those continents start with the letter A?
 (4 – Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica)








4)    When someone says they are doing a “DIY project” what does DIY mean?
(Do It Yourself)







5)    Charlie Horse is the mascot for which local sports team?
(Barrie Colts)








6)    When listed alphabetically, which day of the week would be listed FIRST?







7)    Kygo celebrates his 27th birthday today. Name his recent single with Whitney Houston released back in June.
(Higher Love)







8)   TRUE OR FALSE: Toronto is the Capital of Canada.
(FALSE – Ottawa)








9)   Brittney has 40 candles to sell. If she’s already sold ¾ of them, how many does she have left to sell?








10)   Name the potato chip brand that is known for the the slogan “Betcha can’t eat just one”