$1000 Monday, February 3rd

How did you do this morning?

What vegetable is known to make you cry when you cut it?






 Which team won the Super Bowl yesterday?
(The Chiefs )






SPELL: Lieutenant.
(L I E U T E N A N T)







Yesterday was Groundhog Day. Are we supposed to be having an early Spring or late Winter this year?
(Early Spring)






 Which company’s logo is a green & white twin-tailed mermaid?







Harry Styles celebrated a birthday this past weekend. What boy band did he start off his music career with?
(One Direction)







What is the value of the Canadian coin that has a Beaver on it?
(5 cents)







Name the teenage witch that lives with her aunt Hilda and Zelda.







 What was the name of the high school the kids in ‘Saved By The Bell’ went to?
(Bayside High)







Which car company makes the RAV 4 SUV?