$1000 Thursday, January 30th

How did you do this morning!

  1. What day of the week does February 1st land on this year?





 2.   What is the name of the main antagonist and arch enemy of Mario from the Super Mario Bros Nintendo game?
(Bowser/King Koopa)






 3.   SPELL: Phenomenon.
(P H E N O M E N O N)







4.  Christian Bale celebrates a birthday today. What DC Comics character is he known for portraying?






 5.  If you bought four apples, five carrots, and seven oranges, how many pieces of FRUIT did you buy?
(11 – 4 Apples + 7 Oranges = 11 Fruits)






 6.  From the Looney Tunes, what character is always chasing the Road Runner?
(Wile E Coyote)






 7.  Today is National Croissant Day! TRUE OR FALSE: Croissants originated in Austria.






 8.  What does the Japanese word “Sayonara” mean?







 9.  The nominees for the Juno Awards were announced this week. What country do they celebrate music in?







 10.  The Toronto Raptors are in Cleveland facing the Cavaliers tonight. When is there next home game?
(Sunday/February 2nd)