105-Year-Old Asks for “Hunky Firefighters” For Her Birthday… And They Deliver!

Firefighters climbed in through the window to wish Ivy a Happy 105th Birthday!

Living to 105-years-old is one thing, but living to 105 and still having a youthful spirit?! That’s really worth celebrating!

Debra Carter, who works at the facility where Ivy lives, helped arrange the party. She said she wasn’t surprised by her request at all, since Ivy has  “got an absolutely great sense of humor.”

“[Ivy] sends us little challenges for her birthday every year and this year she asked for firemen,” Debra said. “We had the local fire brigade come … through the third floor balcony window. They were more than happy to help!”

Ivy has already decided what she wants next year… “To meet Price Harry!”


In addition to the hunky firefightes, guests also enjoyed cake, and living singing/dancing, featuring her favorite songs by Elvis, Sinatra and Al Johnson.


Images via Ivena Smailes