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If your worried about COVID- 19 and your feline friend- worry no more, there is a cat hotel if you get sick.

There Is A Cat Hotel Where You Can Take Your Pet If You Get The Coronavirus



In the New Forest Village of Sway in the UK, there is a great little place exclusively for cats and best of all- they won’t charge you a dime for it.

Cat hotel is a virus free safe haven for cats, every room is equipped with a theme like a beach and a flat screen tv so your cat can enjoy a little peace and quiet while watching Garfield while you are getting well soon.

This hotel is designed for coronavirus patients cats’.  Cats can stay while their humans are getting treatment.

The owner of the Hotel Cats, Jackie Ferrier decided to offer the free service because they want to reach those who are living alone and may not seek help because they are too worried about their animals.

‘We want to help the people who wouldn’t go to hospital and who would refuse hospital care because they are worried about their cat. Those are the people we are trying to help.’

It seems pretty nice,  Cats will enjoy the garden room, featuring sun loungers, scratch pads, climbing trees and toys…


According to the website, 

‘All of our eight suites have been tastefully decorated to top hotel standards and there are no bars or mesh, just glass doors and double glazed windows so all our guests have permanent visual stimulation. ‘All our guests have china bowls and drink only fresh spring water from our own supply. We also have a fine dining menu for special treats.’