5 Things You Need to Know: April 8, 2016

Stories Making Headlines Today

1. Goat Head Mystery Solved

Schinaria Goat Heads 01

South Simcoe Police have solved the mystery of the ‘goat heads in the trees’ mystery. Constable Rich Williamson who was bleaching them for display in his business. While it was odd, Williamson says there was nothing criminal or ritualistic about it. More info here.


2. Cable TV, Who Needs It? Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.41.45 AM

190-thousand Canadians cut the cable tv cord in 2015 – an 80 per cent increase from the year before. High cable and satellite tv fees and more services such as Netflix and Crave the reasons why. Another 190-thousand are expected to turn off traditional tv this year. More info here.


3. Job Creation Grows, As Does Those Looking for Work in Barrie


Canada’s jobless rate fell to 7.1% in March with the creation of 40,400 jobs; 900 jobs were created in Barrie, but the workforce grew by 2100, pushing the jobless rate to 7.6%


4. Finally an Explanation for Road Rage


You probably knew this, but research has confirmed that people are more likely to act aggressively with others while in their car than they are in person. Thirty per cent admitted to swearing at strangers while driving, compared with 12 per cent who do face-to-face. Among the top 10 excuses for driving aggression are the belief the other person probably cannot hear you, and feeling protected inside the car. Read more about that here.


5. Proposal Turned Helicopter Rescue


Image via Fox News

Seemed like a good idea at the time. A 27 year old man climbed 600 feet up Morro Rock in California, with his laptop, to propose to his girlfriend using the Facetime app. He asked, “Will you?” She said, “Yes.” Then he asked, “Will you call someone to help get me down?” A helicopter had to be brought in to rescue him. Read more about that here.