5 Things You Need to Know: April 14, 2016

Today's Top Stories

Assisted Death Rules Defined


The federal government will outline the guidelines today for assisted deaths in Canada; only ‘competent adults’ are likely to be eligible to start. Read more about that here.


Charges Laid on Bowmanville Zoo Owner

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The owner of the Bowmanville Zoo, east of Toronto, has been charged with animal cruelty related to a video o tiger training that emerged last fall; it appears as if a whip is being used. More info here.


RCMP Under Investigation


Canada’s privacy commissioner is investigating the RCMP over possible use of a mass surveillance device to spy on Canadians; the technology mimics cell phone towers to intercept text and audio communication, as well as pinpoint a phone’s location


Catering For Our Four-Legged Friends


Image via LittleThings.com

Food trucks for dogs have become a ‘thing’ in Seattle – catering trucks specializing in treats for canines; still a rarity, dogless people occasionally misunderstand what’s going on and try to purchase something for themselves


Barrie Colts Leading Easter Conference Playoff Series

Barrie Colts

The Barrie Colts can advance to the OHL Eastern Conference Final with a win tonight over the battalion in North Bay; they lead the series 3 games to none.