5 Things You Need to Know: May 16, 2016

Today's Top Stories

1. Doctors Save Unborn Child


Doctors in Toronto have delivered a baby by c-section, hours after its mother was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in the city’s west-end. The infant four months premature, is in stable condition. Mom was a passenger in the back of the vehicle that was fired at.


2. Tossing That smoke? Not So Fast


Barrie fire officials issue reminder of how small fires can lead to big fires after cigarette butt discarded in a careless manner. Read more here.


3. Another Wildfire in Alberta


Another wildfire is burning in NW Alberta, near community of Fox Creek. It has grown quickly from 80 hectares to more than 800 hectares. A local  state of emergency is in effect.


4. It’s Police Week!


Police Week is underway. The theme is Discover Policing, not just a call for more recruits and civilian members , but an invitation learn more about the people who are protecting the community. There are open houses, mall displays and barbecues.


5. Shark Bites In Florida (…And Won’t Let Go!)


A woman in Florida was taken to hospital with a shark still latched onto her arm after being bitten off Boca Raton. Even after the shark died and the woman was transported to a hospital it wouldn’t let go! Read more here.


Baby image via Kelly Sue Deconnick