18 Year Old Ends up in Canada thinking he’s heading to Australia

Same, Same but Colder?

So here’s an unusual story for you… 18 year old,  Milan Schipper, a student from Vaassen in the Netherlands, booked a trip to what he though was Sydney, Australia but instead wound up in Sydney, Nova Scotia…

Here’s how that happened…

Schipper had found some super cheap flights to Sydney for less than 800 euros and booked them without a second thought. The only problem was his tickets were for Sydney in Nova Scotia, Canada, and not Sydney, Australia.

The funny part about this, is that the poor guy didn’t know he was headed for the great white north until he was already in it! 

Speaking to the CBC, Schipper said:

CO: At what point did you first suspect that you were not on your way to Sydney, Australia?

MS: Well, quite late. That was when I was already in Toronto. And I saw the plane the plane and the plane was really small. So I figured would that make it to Australia? But afterwards, I checked the screen on the seat in front of me and I checked the flight plan and everything and then I saw all the flight plan was going to go right and up left. Yeah, that was about the time that I realized there was another Sydney.

CO: Sydney, Nova Scotia.

MS: Yeah.

He found some airport employees and explained the situation. They booked a flight straight back to Toronto, and from there, home, where his very amused father picked him up at the airport.

Amazingly, an airline offered Schipper free tickets to the real Sydney, Australia, but he doesn’t think he’ll have time to use them.

“I’m going to start school again and in the meantime, I’d like to get some work done. So I’m not really sure if I’m going to go,” he said.

So basically, mental note: There’s more than one Sydney in the world… I guess now he knows for next time?