Selfie FAILS! How Not to Win $10,000

Want to Win $10,000? Here's What NOT To Do!

#KoolSummerSelfie is back– and so is your chance to win $10,000 PLUS weekly prizes!

Want to know how to take a selfie worth ten grand? Here’s what not to do!

The Animal Selfie


Beware! Use wild animals in your selfie and you could end up like this!


But In ‘Yo Face Selfie

selfie 2

Our beloved fur babies always have a special way of knowing how to ruin the perfect selfie moment.


The “We’re Not Related” Selfie

selfie 3

Mom’s… Don’t put your kids through this! It will take years of therapy to undo.


The Too Much Love Selfie

selfie 4

According to this baby, there is definitely such a thing as too much of a mother’s love.


The Unknown Photo Bomb

selfie 5

How rude! Selfies were not made for public bathrooms.


The Squinty Selfie


Blinded by the light… Literally!


What are your tips for taking the perfect selfie!