3 Easy Camping Hacks

Use this to get the fire started...

Keep the Bugs Away

Bug spray and citronella candles are the typical reinforcements campers bring to battle a relentless army of mosquitos and black flies.

When that isn’t enough, throw a Tim Horton’s drink holder onto a smoldering fire. As it slowly puff out smoke, the bugs will slowly find someone else to bother.

Lighting the Fire

I have packed for camping so many times, checking off everything on a list. Yup, I’ve got it all covered and packed. When it comes time you light the fire, you forgot newspaper to help get it started.

You can actually build a fire using Doritos.

The ingredients are somewhat flammable, especially the Flammin’ Hot flavour!

Building a Tent Floor

Anybody with experience in a tent will tell you rule #1, try to get off the ground.

Go down to the basement and peel up those coloured soft tiles in the kid’s toy room. They’ll make a perfect tent floor and help get you off the ground!