3 important questions about kissing!

Happy International Kissing Day!

July 6th is International Kissing Day, but before you give someone a smooch, you might want to consider some of the most popular questions about kissing.

Is kissing important in a relationship?

Yes, kissing really matters in a relationship.

Per Sheril Kirshenbaum, the author of The Science of Kissing, a good/bad kiss can be a make or break for a long-term relationship. “Fifty-nine percent of men and 66 percent of women say they have ended a budding relationship because a kiss didn’t go well. It’s your body’s way of saying, look elsewhere.” There are whole shows about the kiss (like TLC’s Love at First Kiss), so it has to be important, right?

Is kissing hygienic?

According to Kirshenbaum, you transmit more dangerous germs during a handshake than during a kiss. She goes on to express that kissing is a very healthy exercise as it activates neurotransmitters in our brain like dopamine. The old wives’ tale about a kiss containing 22 calories? That may be false

Do animals kiss?

Although some animals have been caught smooching in the wild, a lot of the animal kingdom prefers other methods of attraction/affection. Some animals like the wild boar expunge a scent to attract a mate. Other animals use different body parts to show affection. For instance, the elephant shows love with their trunk.

I can’t imagine a world without kissing. What would we do without hilarious kiss cam videos?

CC image courtesy of Kevin Dooley via Flickr