35 Marlow Circle

35 Marlow Circle
Saturday May 27th
9AM to 2PM
Funeral processions have been known to stop here first, just to browse. Wall Street believes this garage sale will return the United States to AAA credit rating.
An inordinate amount of items bought at previous sales have ended up on Canadian Roadshow.
After attending previous sales, many buyers have included it on their resume.. So many people browse at this sale that there is bound to be someone in a rainbow wig holding a sign “John 3:16”.

Garage sale veterans camp out on the sidewalk up to 3 days before the sale. Canadian Pickers stole our idea!

Barrie, Midland, Elmvale area…Come on for incredible bargains at our garage sale, located on 35 Marlow Circle in Hillsdale. If you are only going to one garage sale, this would be the one! We open at 9 AM and will close when we passout!

TV’s, electronics, children’s clothing, men and women’s clothing, children’s toys, furniture items, houseware and decor, lawn equipment, air hockey table, ping pong table, and more!

You will want to stay here all day shopping but please seek professional medical assistance if you continue to shop here for four hours or more,.
This will be the garage sale your garage sale buddies will be buzzing about so get here early and bring lots of cash and a pick-up truck because you will want to load up!
Valet parking available but limited spaces.

(p.s. this was the hubby’s wording…gotta love a sense of humor!)