4 Ways to Re-Use Your Teabags

Don't throw out another freshly used tea bag until you've read this!

If you like to drink tea and throw out the teabag when you’re done, consider these four things that you could do with your used teabag!

1) A Tea Bag Face Scrub

Using a brewed green tea bag and some honey, you can create a low-cost exfoliating mask for your face. Save yourself a few bucks and check out the video below from bubzbeauty as she shares this method for refreshing your skin.

2) Marinate Your Meat

You can use tea to make the most delectable and tender meat. Try it with porksteak or even chicken! You could use a new teabag or just re-use an already-brewed tea bag.

3) To Relieve Your Pain

A cool, used tea bag can provide relieve to several different types of pain including tooth aches, cold sores and canker sores. Not only that, but it could help with pain from breast feeding or stop the bleeding from a shaving nick.

4) Just Use It Again!

Depending on the type of tea, you may be able to get a second use out of your teabag! You may lose most of the caffeine content and the flavour, but this varies based on the tea. Try it out and let us know what you think.

CC Image courtesy of Marco Verch on Flickr