Federal Government Details Plan To Bring in 25,000 Syrian Refugees

10,000 To Arrive Before The End Of The Year

The feds have revealed how they plan on getting 25 thousand syrian refugees into Canada. About 10,000 government sponsored registered refugees will be brought in for screening before the end of the year, while 15,000 will be brought in closer to January and February, contrary to a liberal campaign promise to do it immediately. Immigration Minister John McCallum explained it’s a question of doing the job right. Federally funded housing will be provided for those who need it, while job placement will also be focused on. The screening and processing of refugees will be done overseas, in a joint effort between the Ministry of Immigration and the Ministry of Defense. Both CSIS and the RCMP will be helping with security screening. Temporary lodging will be provided at military bases in both Ontario and Quebec, and while CFB Borden officials say they are planning ahead should they be called on to bring in refugees, there is no official direction from on high to do so. The refugee plan will cost 678 million dollars over six years.