Page’s 5: Unconventional Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Forget The Turkey This Year!

Who says Thanksgiving dinner HAS to be the same old turkey, mashed potatoes and carrots that you get every year?!

Why not switch things up a bit?!


Cranberry BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches- One of our favourite non-traditional holiday dinners! Pair it with homemade coleslaw, and mac & cheese, and it’s a sure fire way to treat guests with comfort food!  (Get recipe for pulled pork from Taste of Home HERE)


Butternut Squash Lasagna- Go Italian, but still get that Thanksgiving feel with this one!  (Get recipe from Food Network HERE)


Pork Chops– Stuffed with onions, cranberries and pecans! Yum!  (Get the recipe from HERE)


Maple Dijon Chicken- Juicy chicken, with an Autumn flair with maple syrup!  (Get the recipe from Everyday Maven HERE)


Pork Loin- Stuffed with cherries, almonds and rice!  (Get the recipe from Babble HERE)

In the end, remember that it doesn’t matter what food you serve, it’s about being thankful for WHO you’re sharing it with!



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