5 Non-Traditional Winter Date Ideas

Spice things up a bit!

Although Netflix and Chill is always a good option, maybe switch things up a bit and try some of these ideas:

1. Do nothing but LAUGH

Couples who laugh together are in it for the long haul. New research says that doing something that makes you both laugh could be the key to relationship success. It’s important to be with someone who has the SAME sense of humour as you – not just a sense of humour in general. Or if you’re into stand-up comedy check out Gilda’s Club Comedy Beachfest which is February 24.

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2. Go skating!

You get fresh air, exercise and it’ll probably make you curse winter a little less. Plus, you can be all cute and hold hands and when you’re trying to stop but you can’t, your partner will catch you in their arms. Perfect kissing moment right there! You could be like John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale in Serendipity – make a romantic comedy come to life!

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3. Go dancing.

Like they did in Step Up and Dirty Dancing. This is my ultimate FAVOURITE date. Whether it’s dancing in the club, trying to recreate the Dirty Dancing lift or taking salsa lessons, it’s always a good time! Plus, you’ll probably end up laughing at yourselves. (Please refer to #1.)

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4. Cook together.

Find a new recipe you’ve never tried before, blast Kool FM on your shower radio and make yourselves a delicious meal.

This is what cooking together looks like, right?

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5. Spa/float/bathe

Or some other kind of spa-like activity. You could do a couples massage at Scandinave Spa and then enjoy the hot and cool baths. Or if you’d like something closer to home and want to try something new, check out Float Tank Barrie. Relax, unwind, rejuvenate and just float. They even have a Valentine’s special!

OR make your own spa at home!

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Got any other ideas?

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