5 Recipes To Make With The Kids

National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

Getting the kids in the kitchen at an early age will not only get them interested in eating and trying different foods, but will also teach them valuable life lessons, that will, (hopefully), mean they won’t be eating instant mac & cheese every day when they’re out on their own.

National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day, is when the kids get to be the chef, and make the food choices for the family. Here are some easy recipe ideas you can help them with to get you started…


Ham & Pineapple Pita Pizzas

These look so yummy, and they’re real simple to make! Pleasing any picky eaters out there, who love their pizza!

(Get the recipe HERE from Real Simple)

Strawberry Orange Ice Pops

Who doesn’t like a refreshing treat? Some Popsicle sticks and molds (or cups), add some delicious crushed fruit, freeze and enjoy!

(Get the recipe HERE from Chop Chop Magazine)


Greek Salad Kabobs

Any kind of kabobs are fun and easy for the kids to do. Just pick what your ingredients and put a stick through them!

(Get the recipe HERE from Chop Chop Magazine)


Turkey Burgers

Here’s a healthier twist to a classic burger night recipe. Plus the kids will love getting their hands all dirty squishing the meat between their fingers!

(Get the recipe HERE from Real Simple) 


Chicken Pot Popovers

With chicken, carrots, peas and Parmesan cheese, this mini chicken pot pie is the perfect size for little fingers!

(Get the recipe HERE from the Food Network)

Bon Appetit!


(Image Sources: epicurious.com, Jonny Valiant via realsimple.com, chopchopmag.org, Christopher Baker via realsimple.com)