5 Shows You Can Start Streaming on Netflix Now

Lawyers, zombies and time travel.

With the advent of Netflix Canada, you now have a huge seemingly limitless amount of content to binge at any point in the day. If you’re looking for something new that may have flown under your radar, here are five shows you may want to add to your list.

Being Erica

Being Erica ran on the CBC from 2009 to 2011 and told the story of Erica Strange, a woman who gains the ability to go back in time and change the outcome of her greatest regrets. It’s part drama and part sci-fi and it was one of the most unique shows on television at the time of its release. The show was shot and based in Toronto and even featured a cameo from a very famous Torontonian (he was buried alive). All forty-nine episodes of the show are available for streaming.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is part drama, part comedy and part telenovela. The show centres around Jane Gloriana Villanueva, a religious Venezuelan-American saving herself for marriage until she is artificially inseminated by accident. To make matters worse, the father of the child is a former crush and the owner of the hotel where Jane works. Cue the drama.

The show is still going, but the first three seasons are on Netflix Canada.

Life Unexpected

We work in radio, so here’s a show about radio (kind of). Britt Robertson plays Lux, a sixteen-year-old orphan looking to get out of the Portland foster-care system. She finds her birth parents – a popular radio morning show host, Cate Cassidy and a bar owner, Nathaniel “Baze” Bazile. With no other option outside of foster care, Cate and Baze take Lux into their shared custody. The show was filmed in Vancouver and ended after 26 episodes.

Bonus: the star of Being Erica, Erin Karpluk plays Cate’s producer on the show.


Suits is a show about cool lawyers.

Patrick J. Adams (the nicest guy at WayHome Music Festival) plays a college dropout Mike Ross with a photographic memory. Gabriel Macht plays Harvey Specter, the best closer in “New York” (this show is filmed in Toronto). Harvey hires Mike despite never having passed the bar. The program centres around solving court cases while keeping Mike Ross’ secret. The USA Network has just began airing the seventh season but the first six seasons are available for streaming on Netflix Canada.


iZombie is a rom-com-zom-dram police procedural *deep breath in*. The main character, Liv Moore (played by Rose McIver) gets turned into a zombie while on a Seattle boat party. She abandons her perfect job/fiance to take a job at the morgue in order to satisfy her need for brains. The show is great for the same reason that “Heroes” and “Chuck” were great; despite the farfetched concept, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The show may skew a little younger, but it’s great. The first three seasons are available now on Netflix.

If you’re looking for more recommendations, we may know of another list just like this one on another site