5 Things My Husband Has Learned About Me In Quarantine

A True Test Of A Relationship

I’m grouchy when trapped in small places.

I don’t do well relaxing on a regular day. I always like being busy, having places to go, things to do people to see. It hasn’t even been a week yet for me and I’m wandering around the house in circles, slowly going insane.

I appreciate taking our dog for walks… multiple times a day… just for something to do.

Can’t blame me on that one. Getting outside is sometimes the best and most eventful part of my day. And our pup loves it to.

I REALLY like wine.

Well… come on! Duh.

I REALLY like food, specifically, ketchup chips and chocolate… and wine.

Yeah, comfort food is a necessity right now,  and goes really with all the binge-watching. Have you seen ‘Tiger King’ yet?

What I actually look like without a bra, no make-up and a wardrobe consisting of only pyjamas.

Jeans are non-existent to me.